This is a Norwegian fan-driven initiative to stop sportwashing. Sportwashing happens when brutal regimes that violates human rights use sports like football to prop up their image by investing in clubs and getting major events and championships to their country.

We want Norwegian fans to join as members of their respective clubs and show up at their general assemblies, vote and have the members pass club laws against sportwashing. This website is a road map to this end, and contains pre-written laws that can be easily copied and altered to suit each club as well as a list of fan groups that have taken the pledge to bring these laws up to a vote at their club. These laws stipulate:

1: The club shall not arrange training camps or play friendlies in countries known for serious, systematic human rights violations.

2: The club shall not accept sponsorships or cooperate in any way with states or state-owned companies bearing the same name as a state that is known for serious, systematic human rights violations.

The goal is to have these laws passed at as many clubs as possible, then go to the general assembly of the Norwegian Football Association with the goal of forcing the Norwegian FA to work actively against sportwashing. If more countries follow suit, we can build a coalition of FAs working to keep murderers, torturers and the like out of the beautiful game.